Client Testimonials

Just a Few Things Some Clients Had to Say

New York and LA quality at St. Louis prices. Lucinda Moore captures the essence and emotion of your business and translates it into a vibrant and professional web portal into your company. Her work not only conveys your business information but brands your company into a distinct and comprehensive business model. You will never look at your business the same. Visitors to your site will feel confidant and secure that they are dealing with a reputable business. Increased sales will easily cover any design fees. You will never know how good your business can look until you’ve unleashed the power and creativity of Lucinda Moore.

~Rick Kramer, Joia/Unity Through Percussion


Thank you for the amazing job you did in creating the Home Sweet Home's logo, letterhead, brochure, and website...I had not considered the complex thought process, not to mention the creativity it takes to design a company logo. I had no idea a designer would consider, not to mention suggest, participating at such a level to better understand our company's service offerings as well as our primary consumer. It was because of that insight you were able to effectively create the appropriate look for our business. Your genuine interest in our company's success was evident and very much appreciated. Your dedication to the project and your love for your work was apparent and made you a joy to work with.

~Jemi Dixon, Home Sweet Home


I have been working with Lucinda Moore for the last several years on website updates and more recently, creating a new platform. Lucinda is extremely knowledgeable, reliable, intuitive, has a wonderful sense of the beautiful, and her flexibility, communication and collaboration skills and calm demeanor make the experience of working with her top notch! I highly recommend her! For real!

~Linda Weiner MSW, LCSW