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  • Logo Development
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Services Provided

Simply stated, I solve problems. I provide graphic design solutions for business needs. Websites, UX Design, brochures, business cards, sales sheets, flyers, menus, coupons and mailers are all tangible vehicles for communicating visual solutions to business needs. All of these vehicles SHOULD be designed cohesively. Design is much more than making “pretty pictures.” Let me explain…

Visual Solutions for Business Needs

Graphic design is about visually communicating effectively. To do so, the BUSINESS' NEEDS (problems) MUST BE DEFINED.
Graphic design is about discovery.
It’s about research.
It’s about focus.
It’s about defining.
It’s about figuring out “who” you (your business) are and what you stand for (branding).

Two Ways To Approach

A brand is defined by what “THEY” say it is, not necessarily what “YOU” say it is. That said, you can guide your brand in the direction you want and there are two main schools of thought:

1) Define who your target market is and cater to that market.

2) Define your own personality and not worry about catering to your market.

As with most things in life, I prefer to take a balanced approach with an emphasis on creating a brand “personality”. The reality is, if you try to please everyone, you will please no one. So be who you are and true to yourself and chances are you will be liked more for it.

The Creative Brief

The creative brief is a written summary of the business needs, goals, and budget. This is where great design begins. Great ideas aren’t revealed in a vacuum. Great ideas require well-intentioned thought. So… Let’s Get Started.


I provide estimates on a case by case basis. Every project has different needs. Some design solutions require more research than others. Some design solutions require custom illustrations and photography, whereas in other cases, affordable stock images may suffice. Once I have a full understanding of what your goals are and where your budget is (which is where the creative brief comes in), I will send a quote accordingly. My prices are based on a $75 per hour rate.