Logo Design

Simple, Creative, Custom Logos

All logos are delivered as vector format, as well as any other format you require. Once a logo is purchased, I never charge for resending you YOUR logo. All logos are kept on file for future use, no matter how much time has passed.

Logo for Construction Company

Specializing in restoration of historical buildings, The Artisan Building Company needed a logo that represented their expertise in a modern way.



Logo For Yoga Event

This logo was for an annual group yoga event who's goal is to create a greater awareness of the early warning signs for ovarian cancer. The logo represents a sun salutation, the "rays" being a person reaching up to the sky. There are eight rays representing 108, the number of salutations done during the event. All proceeds go to SLOCA, the St. Louis Ovarian Cancers Awareness organization.

Logo For Business That Helps Seniors Move Into Assisted Living Homes



Logo for a Jewelry Designer

Diane Balber designs and hand crafts beautiful jewelry. The flower in this logo was actually painted by her.



Mailer for LS Electronics, A Musical Instrument Repair Shop

L.S. Electronics is a small business that services musical instruments. A logo that conveyed what they do and separated them from typical electronics businesses was needed. Incorporating a guitar in their logo helped solve this problem. I also wrote their tag line which additionally separates them from their competition.



Logo for Law Firm